Simple and secure security for tape

Paranoia3 is the straightforward way to encrypt your backups, without having to make changes to your Operating System, Backup Software or Procedures.  This is the fourth generation of the Paranoia family and is in use around the globe in large and small companies and organisations. Paranoia3 supports all tape drive types from the early legacy drives through to the latest LTO7 technology.

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Move your archive to secure status

SecureCopy3 offers a simple, fast and efficient way to convert your existing non-encrypted tape archive to a secure archive.

The data held in an archive is often overlooked and SecureCopy3 allows this possible security weakness to be rectified, without the need to move the archive of tapes away from their secure storage location.  SecureCopy3 is compatible with all versions of the Paranoia3 units.

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LVD-HVD Converter

SCSI Connect

Connectivity for Legacy devices

The SCSI Connect is an Low Voltage Differential (LVD) to High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI Converter, allowing users to connect legacy products such as HVD SCSI Tape Drives to LVD SCSI Servers and vice-versa.

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The innovative solution for your data security

EgoSecure has two parts, firstly Insight analyses the general situation in the network, discovers which USB storage devices were actually used over a defined period of time, which data was saved on them or brought into the company, which data was stored in the cloud and which applications were actually used. All functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console.

After analysing the data flow and identifying the weak links with INSIGHT, the protective measures can be configured individually with 20 protective functions. These protective functions are based on the C.A.F.E. Management Principle.

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Document Security everywhere

SealPath is a cloud solution that protects your documents and emails wherever they are and allows you to share them conveniently and securely. With the application, you have full control of document permissions in real time, even after sharing them. It is offered in Cloud-SaaS mode for a fast and simple deployment, and installed on-premise on corporate servers for those companies that requires total control over their infrastructure.

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Turning machine data into business insights

Logtrust provides an easy, affordable solution that collects and stores raw data—providing real-time insight and scalability. Integrate massive volumes of complex data generated by multiple data sources inside and outside your enterprise. Keep the information safe and accessible for decades and be able to quickly run analytical results for audit, forensic analysis, business results and a myriad of other uses.  Get valuable information easily from the data you already generate to help you business be more efficient, safer and more profitable.

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Simply making data flow

Bridgeworks’ WANrockIT Self Configuring Infrastructure Optimised Networks (SCION) are unique products that release organisations from the constraints of distance, performance, throughput and cost imposed by the limitations of the current WAN technologies.

WANrockIT optimises the underlying protocol and accelerates the data and allows you to make full use of the existing pipeline across your WAN making things like synchronous mirroring and backup to remote sites a reality.

WANrockiIT does not utilise compression and de-duplication so allows any data to be accelerated to he full capability of the WAN.

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