Data Collection and Storage

Save time and resources. Collect and store all your data in its original format without any preconfiguration. Logtrust does not require you to model the data—parse, combine, integrate, clean, and validate—before users query it.

Logtrust provides an easy, affordable solution that collects and stores raw data—providing real-time insight and scalability. Integrate massive volumes of complex data generated by multiple data sources inside and outside your enterprise. Keep the information safe and accessible for decades.

Log Centralisation

Every process that is carried out by a machine generates a log and it is crucial to analyse these so as to have a complete view of what is going in your systems and your business. This log generation results in ever growing volumes of data from many different sources, making it essential to have a unique platform that can centralise all this information, allowing for simple, fast and efficient analysis.

Search for an event in hundreds of systems, know where an error occurred in a globally distributed architecture, find all the assets to which a given user has connected… all in just seconds and in a single place.

Cloud Based

Logtrust offers the best of the cloud in terms of pricing and scalability providing a solution that allows you to securely manage your machine data in and from the cloud, with no size or geographical limitations.

  • No costs for administrative personnel
  • No costs for licenses
  • No costs for maintenance
  • No CAPEX, only OPEX
  • Pay as you grow
  • High automatic scalability
  • Access and correlation from all over the world

Search and Analyse

Logtrust treats all information like a database, parsing all the logs, but without normalization. You don´t have to lose anything from the information you are integrating. All data can be treated in Logtrust´s system to extract the most from it, from standard format to proprietary data, all with maximum expressiveness.

Everything is accessible and available in real-time.